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Ed’s Learnin’ and Stuff


It’s time for y’all Exiles fans to find out what us knuckleheads at Mindworm games spent Ed’s starting Learnin’ and money on.

Every Exiles character starts with 45 Learnin’ to buy skills and $10 to buy stuff, which we select from the Persona’s item card deck. For our pre-made characters, we do all that annoying work ahead of time so you can get right down to the business of kicking ass! Read more

Persona Intro: Walburn


You can find pockets of backwoods folk all throughout the Republic, segregated by circumstance and secluded from the civilizing influence of modern sensibilities. In their stubborn ignorance such folk cleave to the savage customs of a bygone age, appearing as monstrous caricatures embodying the foulest passions of the human spirit. And then there are Walburns, a race of people unto themselves in which stubborn ignorance has been distilled through centuries of self-imposed isolation into a spirit so primeval in its cunning brutality as to seem hardly human at all.
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