Persona Intro: Walburn


You can find pockets of backwoods folk all throughout the Republic, segregated by circumstance and secluded from the civilizing influence of modern sensibilities. In their stubborn ignorance such folk cleave to the savage customs of a bygone age, appearing as monstrous caricatures embodying the foulest passions of the human spirit. And then there are Walburns, a race of people unto themselves in which stubborn ignorance has been distilled through centuries of self-imposed isolation into a spirit so primeval in its cunning brutality as to seem hardly human at all.

And that ain’t the half of it! Walburn is a heady brew of hillbilly dick jokes on the one hand, and a serious Bad Guy crunching stat block on the other.

Walburns are like super-hillbillies, supernaturally super hillbillies, and no shit neither. As a Tier 1 Persona, Walburns bring some serious pain by mixing the best that Rowdy and Trapper have to offer with a slate of uniquely awesome special abilities.

First off, Walburns start with 5 Mustard and 1 Cheatin’ Token. Yes, that’s 5 Mustard, plus they buy Grit at Trapper prices and only pay 20 Learnin’ for Brutal Warrior! But that only means they’re a little tougher than a Trapper.

Walburns start off with the Donkey Brains skill for free, which lets you ignore Fear, Terror, and Madness. That ain’t no foolin’.  Walburns also get the It Ain’t Fat skill which lets you straight prevent a Fightin’ wound, the Grudge skill which lets you mark a dude for death, and the Snake Handlin’ skill which lets you play around with a brave new world of slithery, venomous traps!


And like I said, Walburns take the best of Trapper and Rowdy. They get Trappin’ which is damned useful in addition to their Trapper toughness, plus the Rush skill and access to both Strength and Finesse. On top of everything you get all the Shootin’ weapons but Derringers and Projectile, and at the modest cost of 5 Learnin’ each.

You pay for all of this awesome with slightly higher Learnin’ costs, (including a whopping 20 Learnin’ for Cheatin’ & Lyin’!) and the absence of damn useful Fightin’ skills like Parry, Shank, and Bludgeon. But who cares!

If you’re lookin’ to be a badass hombre equipped to put your boot up the ass of villains mundane and supernatural both while flopping huge coils of area denial out your pants and rocking some of the most hilarious Persona-specific items in all of Exiles, then Walburn is the Persona for you!

Walburn is easily one of the coolest fucking Personas in Exiles, and a personal favorite. Part Trapper, part Rowdy, all badass! Walburns are not only ripe for hilarious hijinks, they’re also awesome for laying down a serious ass-kicking and living to laugh about it! – Benson

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