Never Say Die Contest


Today we released the printed version of our free downloadable Marple Syrup Campaign.

If you missed that link you can CLICK HERE to buy it!

Marple Syrup is one of our just-for-the-LOLs mini campaigns, which means that we’re too cheap and lazy make miniatures for it, so you’ll have to get your own.


If any of you are as big a fan of Goonies as you are of Exiles, you can win a FREE set of our recommended Marple Syrup miniatures!


The Marple Syrup campaign contains a ridiculously gratuitous number of Goonies references. Whoever guesses the correct number of individual Goonies references in the campaign (cards and character sheet included) will be eligible to win these totally awesome miniatures!

I’m assuming there’s definitely more than one Goonies super-fan amongst our intrepid Exiles gamers, so we’re going to randomly select a winner from all those who submit correct answers.

If all of you suck hard, we’ll randomly select from whoever guessed closest, but you’ll have to do the truffle shuffle if you want to get your prize!

Take a look at the downloadable campaign materials here, or Hell, buy the damn thing, and email your guess to

A winner will be chosen on Monday, December, 19, so get crackin’!