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Mindworm Games is a new table top games company based in Folsom, Louisiana.  That’s outside of New Orleans for you yanks.

Our mission is to bring you the very best in gonzo gaming.

We will bring you back to the days when games were sold out the back of creepy vans by passionate weirdos who made whatever the fuck they wanted to make.

We aren’t doing a Kickstarter, and we’re making every damn thing we can in house.  Anything you buy from us will be made by us and it’ll damn well be finished before you pay for it.

Not only that, but we will also show you how we make our products, so that you too can spray molten metal all over your walls!

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Benson is a trial consultant by day and manages Mindworm Games by night.  He is a long-time role-player, an inveterate collector of miniatures, and a semi-professional game designer with, like, a decade of experience losing money on not-for-profit games.

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Jesse is a professional machinist and an avid collector of miniatures.  Although his primary role is making sure Benson doesn’t destroy the equipment, burn down the workshop, or kill someone, Jesse is also an amateur sculptor, artist, and game designer.

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Hugh Pindur

Concept Art

Hugh Pindur is a freelance illustrator living in London, Ontario.  But we won’t hold that against him!

Hugh’s work is the cornerstone of the Exiles world.  Not only does Hugh’s work veritably thrum with vitality, but he is also adept at nailing complicated briefs on the first pass.

Hugh is a master of composition, incredibly prolific, and he loves him some sexy elves. Check out his latest work!

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Andy Seiple

Fluff and Fiction

Andy’s work is a rank bouquet of vulgarity, humor, and bluntness that gives Exiles it’s inexplicable charm.

Andy has been a voracious reader, roleplayer, gamer, and library enthusiast for years, and is finally getting serious about writing. After a torrid, decades-long love affair with science fiction and fantasy, he’s found a true joy in writing books about super heroes and villains. His latest concept is the ‘Tales from the Teslaverse’ series, stories set in a world full of mad science, super powers, and magic.

Check out Andy’s new novel!

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Adam Burnier


Adam’s work is the dark, maudlin soul of Exiles.

Adam is a 22 year old artist, techie, and intrepid creative living in Los Angeles. His skills range from graphic design to 3D character animation, but his greatest joy lies in drawing the bizarre monsters and characters that his brain is prone to concoct. One day he hopes to work full time as a visual artist in the games industry, where this proclivity is valued professionally.

Adam also enjoys belting musical theater solos, watching anime, and devouring fantasy novels.

Check out his work.  Seriously, it’s the shit.

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Marco Sano


Marco is a badass 3d artist who specializes in character sculpting, modeling and texturing.

He’s wicked talented and experienced in both post production and video games. But whatever, his sculpting is fucking awesome!

Marco grew up with a passion for all things nerdy, but most of all for miniatures. Of course, now that you can 3D print damn near anything, he’s been spending all his hard-earned cash on custom printing his miniatures.

Check out his website, which is both jaw-dropping, and a shitload cooler than this one.