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Exiles is a bizarre, trope-fueled world of frontier mayhem slathered in a grimy layer of disease, piss-soaked streets, and hopeless futility crudely pasted over a nighted chasm of mythic horror.

The Exiles universe has been painstakingly developed over the course of a decade with enough stories, characters, expansions, and content to last until the remake of Blind Justice.

So drop your dick and play the shit out of Fallout 4 while you can, because Exiles is coming your way August 2016!

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The World

“Hey Mr. Fancy Britches, I aint seen you ’round these parts afore. Buy me a fuckin’ drink and I’ll tells ya how the cow ate the cabbage.”

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Badasses and Assholes

There’s a right few heroic personages out on the frontier, and some real pieces of shit, too. Best ya get to know who’s who.

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The Game

Exiles is a fast-paced, frenetic, buzzword-filled game of gritty Wild West adventure. You’ll learn all about how it works right here.