Marple Syrup Minis


We recently released a kick-ass mini-campaign for Exiles called Marple Syrup or The Man With One Red Boot.

You can download all the campaign bullshit for FREE right here, or you can be real classy about it and buy a copy from us.

Either way, you’re gonna need some minis for this campaign, because we were too cheap and lazy to make any for it.

But because we love you so much, we’ve done exhaustive an search of the internet and come up with a sweet little set recommendations for you. As usual, we’ve done our best to find ways for you to pick up a decent set of models without eating your lunch on shipping.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with Reaper to tell those dudes we’re schlepping their minis in the hopes of working out some kind of deal, to no avail. So if you buy something from Reaper, why don’t you drop a comment in your order telling them it’s for this weird game called Exiles.

The simplest option is, as usual, Reaper Miniatures. You can get a full set of workable minis from reaper for about $40, which also gets you free shipping. Here’s your shopping cart:

BTW – All the pics are links to the product

Miss Scarlet (Molly MacPhereson)


Deadeye Slim (Billy/Lonnie MacPhereson)


Buffalo Bill Cody (Ronnie/Donny MacPhereson)


Wolf Pack (Starving Wolves)


Highlander Archers (Mountain Hobos)


That’s the simplest option, but not our first choice. If you’re willing to order from two different companies, your options open up a bit more, and your minis will be a little more on point.


You can stick with the Wolf Pack and Highlander Archers from Reaper, or you can head over to Warlord Games and load up with these guys:

Wolves (Starving Wolves)


Neanderthals 2 (Mountain Hobos)



Natal Native Contingent Sprue (Mountain Hobos)


Once you have your wolves and hobos you can get your Outlaws from either Knuckleduster Miniatures or Black Scorpion Miniatures.

I prefer KDM. Forrest is a cool dude, and he’s in America

Belle Starr (Molly MacPhereson)


Ike Clanton (Billy/Lonnie MacPhereson)


Wells Fargo “Shotgun Messanger” (Ronnie/Donny MacPhereson)



Town Watch (All three MacPheresons)