What’s So Badass about Ehud Walburn?


Let’s take a look at what kind of Badass action Ehud Walburn is packing.

It might surprise you to learn that between Ed and Beth Walburn, Beth is by far the tougher customer.

Ed’s forte is grudges, not grit, and that’s what his Badass action is all about.


“Otis never forgets…”

Get rid of a Grudge token on one dude and immediately put it on a different dude.

To fully understand why this is so badass, you’ve gotta know what Grudge does.

Grudge is a Usin’ Up skill that lets you spend a Whatever action to put a Grudge token on a dude. Once there’s a Grudge token on the table, Walburns can only attack dudes that have a Grudge token, but they get to use a free +1 token on any die rolled in an attack.

Getting a free +1 token is awesome, because it means that all your Hit numbers are effectively one bigger, and lets you save any ‘proper’ +1 tokens you have for shit like Defense rolls.


The downside is that you’ve just limited your options. Normally, the easiest way for a Walburn to add flexibility is to put Grudge tokens on more dudes.

Ed, however, is much more savvy. Instead of putting down multiple Grudge tokens, Ed can simply move a Grudge token to a dude he wants to attack. And it gets better than that.

If there’s more than one Walburn on the table, even if it’s a Bad Guy Walburn, the Grudge rules apply to all of them. A family feud is a family feud after all, even if it’s with your buddy.

Ed, being the grudgekeeper that he is, has the badass ability to clarify grudges for any and all Walburns, and that gives you a shitload more flexibility on the table.