What’s So Badass About Bathsheba Walburn?


Bathsheba Walburn is one tough cookie. She’s mean, she’s hard, and Hell, she’s probably even boiled!

Beth’s Badass action fits right along with that.


“Is that all ya got?”

Take 1 Damage and get rid of a Busted Arm, Busted Leg, or Crippled token that you’ve got.

It’s pretty goddamn hard to slow Beth Walburn down, and no mistake. This Badass action is certainly situational, and it has some drawbacks (it must hurt like a sum’bitch to angrily set a compound fracture), but it’s a fucking lifesaver when you need it!

Busted Arm, Busted Leg, and especially Crippled are all extremely debilitating Game effects that you normally need the Surgeon skill to get rid of. That means pissing away a bunch of actions hobbling over to the Doctor (assuming he’s alive) and hoping you’re the highest priority patient.

Yes it does, but not as much as when I put it back in!

Remember, Doctors can’t use the Triage skill on Surgeon, so getting your sucking chest wound, fucked up leg, or useless arm fixed is going to take some time, and money, because it always takes a Bandage to use Surgeon.

Beth says ‘fuck all that, I’ll fix it my own damn self’. And with her starting stats, 1 Damage ain’t no fuckin’ thing!