Ed’s Learnin’ and Stuff


It’s time for y’all Exiles fans to find out what us knuckleheads at Mindworm games spent Ed’s starting Learnin’ and money on.

Every Exiles character starts with 45 Learnin’ to buy skills and $10 to buy stuff, which we select from the Persona’s item card deck. For our pre-made characters, we do all that annoying work ahead of time so you can get right down to the business of kicking ass!

Ehud Walburn is a fightin’y character with a specialty in grudges.

Like all Walburns, Ed has the Donkey Brains skill.


He’s got Strength (3) for solid first-game ass-kicking, and an Iron Skillet to make full use of his skillz.

Finally, Ed has Grit (2) because we always think getting more Grit is a good idea, and Grudge (4), so he can lay plenty of Grudgy smack-down.

All in all, that’s a nice package of starting skills. Now let’s look at the rest of his gear.


In addition to his Iron Skillet, Ed’s got a Bucket Gun and a Box of Rifle Ammo. But that doesn’t make any sense! Yes it does, because the Bucket Gun is cool as SHIT!

The Bucket Gun is either a giant pistol or a tiny rifle. Your call, dude. You can use it with either the Rifle or Pistol skill, and it totoes-McGoats shoots rifle bullets!

Ed’s got some Brown Apple Cider to help put your brain on drugs, and a Corn Cob pipe so he can stop being drunk once he fries your egg brains.

Pretty neat!