Beth’s Learnin’ and Stuff


So what’s the deal with Bathsheba Walburn? She’s fuckin’ HARD, that’s what!

Beth’s starting skills are just like her, trim and mean.

Beth’s got Donkey Brains, obviously, because all Walburns do, just to ram home that point.

She’s also got the Shotgun skill, which is nifty, and Grit (4) along with Brutal Warrior.

Wait… what?


Yep, Beth’s got 9 fuckin’ Mustard and goddamn Brutal Warrior. Fuck fightin’ skills, she can learn that later. For now you’ve got to shoot her with a pistol three fucking times to put her down! Yeow!

Beth’s an Old Testament kinda lady, so she’s packin’ a Donkey Jaw, which also happens to be the cheapest Fightin’ weapon in the Walburn box.

That’s so she can afford the Knobby Blunderbuss (some ammo) and a shitload of Corn Mash!


Corn Mash is right up Beth’s alley. Between this shit and her Badass action, she could probably do without a Doctor for quite a while. She’s also got a BIGGER Corn Cob Pipe than Ed, because we all know that size matters not… except where it counts!

Beth does seem to have pretty big feet…