What’s So Badass About Sally Rottencrotch?

Sally Rottencrotch is a flirty, fun-loving gal at heart. She loves to put her talents to good use for her friends, and that’s what her Badass action is all about.

“Lemme suck the poison out.”

Get rid of Busted Arm, Busted Leg, Crippled, or Blind from a dude you’re touching and replace it with Poisoned (3).

Sally already has the Revival skill, but because she cares so deeply for the health and well-being of her friends, her Badass action lets her play Doctor, too.

Busted Arm, Busted Leg, Crippled, and Blind are all Game effects, which means you’re stuck with them for the whole fucking game (ouch!). Normally, the only way to get rid of one of these super annoying special effects is with the Surgeon skill. Not only does this require the use of an expensive Bandage item, Surgeon is also a No Fightin’ skill, which means you can’t resolve it on anybody in a fight.

Badass actions are always Whatever actions, so Sally can fix your Busted Arm while you’re still wrangling with the dude who busted it, and she doesn’t even have to use a Bandage either! All of this awesomeness comes at the low, low cost of letting Sally rub the feeling back into your… uhhh… arm.

As with any time you get a little too close with a Buzzard, the experience tends to turn the stomach of even the bravest souls.