What’s So Badass About Professor Thaddeus Whistlebottom?

Let’s take a look at what makes Professor Thaddeus Whistlebottom such a Badass Buzzard!

“La-aaadies and gentlemen, I present to you the inestimable, the incomparable Verpus Maximus!”

You can discard a Snake or Vermin item to give one of your Facin’ Up or Facin’ Down items to a buddy.

Thaddeus is a showman, and an inveterate flimflam artist. He’s sold snake oil, hawked hen’s teeth, and foisted freaks on simple country rubes from the Rio Huevos to the Mosca Muerta. Often his “special” relationship with the disease-riddled rats, blood-sucking vermin, and ill-tempered vipers that trail in his wake comes in quite handy, whether it’s making a fetid turtle boy dance in its jar or slipping billfolds out of coat pockets.

Thaddeus’s Badass action lets him put these talents to good use. The action is a lot like Zach McBride’s Badass action, which let’s Zach give a buddy one of his Facin’ Up items. Thaddeus, however, can give a buddy one of his Facin’ Up OR Facin’ Down items, and all he’s got to do is discard a Snake or Vermin to do it.

This gives Thaddeus a lot more flexibility because you don’t have to worry about carrying around shit for other people in your precious 4 Facin’ Up item slots. You also don’t have to waste time with the Flippin’ Items action to dig something out of your Facin’ Down items, AND you don’t have to rearrange the shit YOU want to have Facin’ Up just to hand off an item that someone should have had the good sense to bring in the first place!

The discard requirement might seem stiff, but Buzzards have lots of Snake and Vermin items, like the cute, cuddly, and most importantly CHEAP Hermit Crab Lice, which also happen to helpfully be a Geegaw, too! With Hermit Crab Lice, you’ve got a painfully cheap and easily discardable Vermin item that doesn’t even take up one of your Facin’ Up item slots.

Just… don’t think about how many lice it takes to drag a loaded shotgun halfway across town…