Belle Knops Campaign – Cranky Maid

The new Belle Knops campaign takes you from the bushwhackings and bank robberies of Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang into the slapstick shenanigans of what passes for high society out on the Republican frontier!

Here you’ll meet the brand new Domestic faction of Bad Guys, the bumblingly loyal maids, valets, butlers and house boys that serve fancy frontier fellas like Rich John.

Let’s take a look at Cranky Maid Toady.

Man, that’s about as plain Jane as you can get. Three Mustard, no skills, a half-assed fightin’ stat line, and no shootin’. Guess it doesn’t hurt much to tangle with an old maid, but don’t you dare get on her bad side!

Whoops! Now you’ve got a shootin’ stat line to deal with, and it’s a doozy! The Badass Cranky Maid has got herself a low damage Throwin’ weapon with a pretty awful Reload, but it bushwhacks. This works just like she made a special Bushwhack attack, meaning you’ve got to pass a Mustard roll or be Out Cold, ouch!

We figure she’s tossing around whatever heavy objects she can lay her hands on: priceless busts, elaborate candlesticks, gold-plated dildos; you know, rich people stuff.