Belle Knops Campaign – Domestic Faction

The new Belle Knops campaign takes you from the bushwhackings and bank robberies of Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang into the slapstick shenanigans of what passes for high society out on the Republican frontier!

Here you’ll meet the brand new Domestic faction of Bad Guys, the bumblingly loyal maids, valets, butlers and house boys that serve fancy frontier fellas like Rich John.

The Domestic faction doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but get on their bad side and you’ll be begging for a silver spoon up your ass!

Let’s take a look at the faction special rules.

Toady – All Domestic dudes can move up to 1” in Animals & Idiots.

Holy fuck! No wonder they can set a table so quickly! Not only does this rule give Domestic dudes an intimidating speed boost, it also gives them a double helping of tactical flexibility. An inch of movement may not seem like much, but it lets Domestics play around with weapon ranges and fightin’ distances. It also gives them an extra bite at the apple when trying to move out of a fight.

Henchman – Domestic Toadies ignore Hoo Raw! and Prattle from anyone but a Domestic dude.

Makes sense, sure, but it’s also a kick in the teeth when it comes to dealing with Domestics, especially if you’re trying not to be lethal about it! Prattle and Hoo Raw! are not only incredibly use and efficient ways to control the table, but they’re also some of the best ways to get a job done without whipping it out and scaring the women-folk.

The Gone, Goldy, Gone scenario in the Belle Knops campaign makes thorough use of the Domestic faction, and boy howdy, it gets pretty damn messy once you throw in a few Special Rules!

Next time we’ll take a closer look at the Cranky Maid Toady. She may be doddering, but rub her the wrong way and you’ll get a bust in the teeth!