Belle Knops Campaign Preview

Belle Knops or Sordid Tales of the Ninepence Hotel is on the cusp of release!

As has been traditional for many moons since before the birth of Mindworm Games, players will be treated to a preview of the intro fluff from the first scenario!

We proudly present to you, Gone, Goldy, Gone.

Johnny Jones let out a low whistle and tipped up his bowler hat. “Holy shit… I know you said this John was rich, but that place is bigger’n the Grand Imperial Hotel!” The gunslinger looked up at a three story mansion, gleaming a bright, almost piercing white in the afternoon sun.

“Them pillars come by an ancient ruin. I hear six men died bringin’ ‘em over from the Continent.” Dr. Cherry Dickens wore her usual toothy grin as she pointed out a pair of stone columns flanking the entryway.

Johnny frowned. “Money like that buys a helluva lot o’ hardware, and this Belle Knops lady ain’t exactly payin’ us a queen’s ransom for this…”

“El Pato does not need money to rescue a damsel in distress.” The burly serape looked absurd in his feathered costume, but his face was grim.

“Why don’t you take Enrique’s share then, Johnny, and quit yer squealin’.” Jackie Hiscock spat a stream of tobacco juice into the dirt at his feet. “Besides, walkin’ in there guns blazin’ ain’t no play. We’re just here to talk.”

“I’m sure that’s why you brung me along, Jackie, ‘cause I’m so charming.” Johnny nodded toward the Doctor, who was busily filling her syringe with a menacing amber liquid. “And Cherry’s well known for her bedside manner, ain’t she?” Jackie scowled and ground his teeth, but the gunman pressed on. “You’re mad as a wet hen over this, you and the feathered menace both. Me, I figure a man kidnaps a whore, he’s got it comin’. All I’m sayin’ is when the shootin’ starts, I’m grabbin’ anything ain’t nailed down.”

“It don’t matter.” Cherry gave the business end of her syringe a smart flick. “I hear Belle Knops used to be a famous bandita chieftain down Serape way. This whole thing’s just a setup anyhow.”

The doctor nodded with professional satisfaction as a thin stream of fluid sprayed from the point of her syringe. El Pato frowned, Johnny laughed, and Jackie rolled his eyes, hard. “Well it’s right good of you to back my play here, Doc, seein’ as how this criminal mastermind has got the drop on us.”

Cherry’s smile widened. “Don’t mention it.”