Belle Knops Campaign – Drunken Valet

The new Belle Knops campaign takes you from the bushwhackings and bank robberies of Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang into the slapstick shenanigans of what passes for high society out on the Republican frontier!

Here you’ll meet the brand new Domestic faction of Bad Guys, the bumblingly loyal maids, valets, butlers and house boys that serve fancy frontier fellas like Rich John.

Let’s take a look at Drunken Valet Toady.

Alright, not much to see here, other than that the dude is obviously saouced! He’s got an impressive three attacks, but no Fightin’ Defense and a Hit Number of 2. Keep swingin’ grandpa, maybe you’ll hit something!

But wait! The old coot’s got a few tricks up his sleeve, or maybe down his pants… or maybe in the gun room. That’s like a right people thing, isn’t it?

The Badass Drunken Valet’s got himself a fuckin’ shotgun! Drunk or not, this sum’bitch will hit you, especially considering the Governor will be rolling six dice! That’s right, this beast has two attacks and the Scatter rule, which is common to Shotguns. That means you roll three dice for each attack AND re-roll misses against anybody else in an inch of the dude you shot at. Put it back in your pants old man!