The Worst Cards Ever: Man Diaper


As you know, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday you can buy the Worst Cards Ever, a once-in-a-lifetime set of 18 incredibly shitty Exiles cards.

But don’t do it. These cards are the fucking worst. I mean, look at this:


Okay, if this doesn’t turn you off, I don’t know what will.

Although apparently it definitely turns ON a certain type of person…

Let’s at least try to turn this shit sunny-side up for once. I mean, it’s a geegaw, right, and how many other geegaws are going to have the “Diaper” or “Shit” descriptions?

It does’t cost you anything, it does’t take up a Facin’ Up Item, it’s helpful, it clearly makes you happy, and if it isn’t hurting anybody…

Fuck it, I can’t polish this turd. It’s a goddamn shit-filled man-diaper.

Look, get it if you want it, but I’m definitely burning all of these fucking cards come Tuesday!