FREE SHIT! – Marple Syrup Campaign


Hey you’s scamps! We have another free campaign for you!


This here is Dick’s Frontier Novels No. 3

Marple Syrup, or The Man with One Red Boot

Our good buddy Bill Tobin thunk up this little campaign, and we figured it was fun enough to whip up some arts, bang out some cool fluff, and make a slew of new Bad Guys and Item cards, all for your enjoyment, and Hell, our’s too.

This here is a 7 game mini-campaign, with a fun story of espionage, mistaken identities, and gratuitous Goonies references!


If you follow that link up there (or this one) you’ll find digital copies of the Marple Syrup Dime Novel, all the unique cards you’ll need for the campaign, and Molly MacPhereson’s Character Sheet, since she’s a Boss and all.

If you’re too lazy to print this shit out, no worries, in a few days you’ll be able to buy printed copies of all this shit.

The card decks are being printed as we speak.

This ass-kicking campaign features a new Outlaw Boss, a BRAND NEW Bad Guy faction, and some hilariously cool items you Governors will definitely want to get your mitts on!

It even has a fucking TRAIN (wreck), so check it the fuck out already!

You’ll also need some minis for the new bad dudes. Never fear. Later this week we’ll give you a handle, link-filled list of our No. 1 minis picks. Don’t worry, it’s not as crazy town as Ticking Around.