Black Friday Sale – The Worst Cards Ever


Happy Seasons to all you gluttons of consumerism.

After you stuff your face with scorched bird flesh and your ears with Uncle Murray’s racist diatribes, you can stuff your gaping emotional void with some terrible shit from Mindworm Games.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday you can buy The Worst Cards Ever, a once-in-a-lifetime set of 18 incredibly shitty Exiles cards.

But don’t do it. These cards are the worst. Really, they’re fucking terrible.

We didn’t play test any of this shit. Hell, we didn’t even proofread it. Who the fuck would want to?

These are some fucked up cards, and they damn sure aren’t the worst in the bunch

The art sucks, the fluff sucks even worse, and the rules don’t make a damn bit of sense. Really, seriously, you don’t want these cards, so don’t buy them. They’re even more expensive than they should be, because there’s no reason you should want these cards.

We don’t even want these cards. We hate these cards so fucking much that we’re going to burn any leftovers we have.

Enjoy your turkey, tell Uncle Murray the folks at Mindworm Games said he can go fuck himself, and try not to trample any old ladies on your way towards a plasma TV.