Persona Intro: Trapper

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Explorers and wanderers by nature, Trappers spend most of their careers trudging through the wilderness hunting game, be it man or beast. Trappers are naturally hard and independent souls who expect to rely on their own grit and cunning for survival. Of all the folk out on the Republican frontier, Trappers are the closest to home. They are men of the wilderness at heart, only truly at ease on the ragged edges of civilization where a man can live by his own rules.

It sounds pretty romantic until you find out that cooking grease is the best way to weatherproof buckskin. Trappers are hard, grizzled sonsabitches. They are the meanest fucking Persona around, they’re tougher than shit, and they are a toolbox of save-your-ass skills to boot.

It’s obvious, but yes, Trappers have the Trappin’ skill, which alone would make those assholes indispensible. Trappers can set traps, but more importantly, Trappers can remove and avoid traps, which is goddamn useful if there’s a fucking bear trap in your way…or more especially if you were dumb enough to get in the bear trap’s way.

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Trappers can also learn Trackin’, which will get you out of so many scrapes we really should make it more expensive to buy. Finally, Trappers can use explosives. Now, technically any character can chuck a stick of dynamite, but Trappers actually know how to do it without killing themselves and everybody around them, which is handy.

Actually, there’s more. Trappers are the toughest Persona, hands down. Trappers are built like brick shithouses, and they’re no slouch in a fight neither.

If you’re lookin’ to put a kink into every plan the Governor cooks up, then Trapper is the Persona for you! …Fuckin’ Trappers.

You better have a Trapper with you. In fact, if you don’t have a Trapper with you, then you deserve to die. Forget the Rowdy, forget the Bandit, Hell, forget the fucking Doctor. Bring the Trapper. – Jesse

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