Exiles Events at GenCon 2016


We at Mindworm Games are excited to release our very firstvery best, and most highly acclaimed game at Gen Con 2016! In fact, we’re so excited that we’ve created a special series of Events to launch this sucker with extreme gaming prejudice!

Exiles, that’s the game, is a fast-paced, frenetic, buzzword-filled game of gritty Wild West adventure.

For you gamers out there, Exiles is like a minis game banged an RPG and left the baby outside to die. We took the story, dysfunctional teamwork, and crazy loots you love in an RPG and crammed it down into the fast, frenetic play style of a skirmish wargame. If you’re looking for a raucous game of fast-paced action, Exiles will get your motor running!

If you’re into the story, Exiles is set in a bizzare, trope-fueled world of frontier mayhem slathered in a grimy layer of disease, piss-soaked streets, and hopeless futility crudely pasted over a knighted chasm of mythic horror. And boy howdy, are we gonna tickle your pickle!

Our extra special Gen Con campaign, Ticking Around, takes you through a story arc that unfolds across three Events with a total of seven individual games, starting with the discovery of a suspiciously phallic hive of blood-sucking monstrosities.

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We’re running these Events back to back every day of the con from 10AM to 7PM. You can play a character through the whole campaign if you like, picking up loot and EXP along the way, or jump right into the middle! (Deep Ticking the best!) You can play the whole thing in one marathon session of Exiles awesomeness, or break it up across the whole convention.

Players will not only get a unique opportunity to be the very first actual Exiles players, but you’ll also walk away with some exclusive Exiles loot and a few surprises totally not intended to get you to come by our Exhibit Hall booth.

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We will be slathering our Facebook page with updates about the Gen Con campaign, which you can check out. We also have the obligatory Twitter feed and Instagrams.