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Gentlemen are bankers, plantation owners, men in the railroad industry, old money gentry, or self-made entrepreneurs. They are men of position, power, and politics (by any means). Gentlemen command respect by the force of their personality and by their aptitudes for wealth and influence. Regardless of how one feels about a Gentleman, life is a hard road without having one to back your play. Even the deadliest gunhand is little use without cartridges in his belt or a warm meal in his belly, and in the cutthroat world of the Republican frontier, who you know is often as important as who you have killed.

That about straight sums it up as far as Gentlemen are concerned. Gentlemen aren’t fighters, they aren’t healers, and they don’t shit out buffs for all their buddies. Gentlemen are the money, plain and simple, and nobody, nobody, survives on the frontier without some serious bankrolling.

Gentleman is the only Persona with unlimited access to cashy money. Money is power in Exiles, and Gentlemen don’t have to do shit to get it. If that were all Gentlemen did, it would damn well be enough to make them the Grand Poobah of any Exiles campaign. But Gentlemen also have some of the most unique and useful skills of any Persona.

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Every Gentleman is a silver-tongued sonofabitch. They start with more Cheatin’ tokens than any other Persona, and they can get a wagon-load more without blowing half their Learnin’ on it. This means Gentleman not only doll out money however they see fit, they also control more than half the re-rolls in any game.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gentleman can take control of both bystanders and badguys with barely more than a harsh word, and they’ve got enough medical knowledge to keep their underlings alive and sober until the job is good and done.

If you want to be the biggest swinging dick in the game, get all the best gear, and have everyone fightin’ for a spot in your good graces, then Gentleman is the Persona for you!

Gentleman is the most powerful Persona, hands down. The skill list is short, but it aint size that matters. You may be laughing now, but with a Gentleman on the table you’ll be saying ‘yessah’ ‘nosah’ before you can blink. And if you’re dumb enough to play a campaign without one, be prepared to get real stingy with your bullets. – Jesse

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