Exiles Gameplay: Core Mechanics

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Let’s pop the hood and have a gander at the core mechanics that make Exiles tic.

Exiles uses what we like to call a “declare/resolve” game system. First everybody says what they are doing, then you resolve everything at once. This is supposed to make the game quick.

We won’t kill you if you aren’t quick, but there are consequences!

That’s the most important thing about playing Exiles. Quick is better than correct. There’s a complicated turn order, but really, just play quickly and don’t worry about making mistakes.

You place a token to declare an action and pick it back up to resolve it.

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Teh rulz say you should put tokens next to models, but lots of folks like to place tokens on their character card. Whatever works, man!

If you want your character to Haul Ass, you place a Haulin’ Ass token to declare the action. When it is time to resolve declared actions, you pick up the Haul Ass token and move your character.

While you’re Haulin’ Ass, I’m reloading, Bob is bandaging, Kelly is bleedin’ out, and Carl aint doin’ shit because he’s busy getting a beer. That’s how we do it in Exiles.

God! Dammit! Carl! Clint gets a pass though…he’s crazy, but we love The Man with No Name.

Most actions are resolved immediately, meaning you just go and do them instead of placing a token. But this is mostly for the sake of fun, convenience, and speed of play.

For example, if you want to Run in the Movin’ phase, you just go and move your model without bothering to put down a token, and if you want to attack in the Doin’ phase, you just say what you’re doin’ and roll your dice.

With that out of the way we can walk you through the turn structure.

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