What’s in a Persona…Pack?

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Choosing a Persona is the most important thing about making an Exiles character.

A Persona tells you what kind of character you’ve got, whether it’s a fancy Gentleman, swarthy Gunslinger, hardass Trapper, or even something fucked up and weird like a skeletal Scarecrow or disease-riddled Buzzard.

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I like the look of your box…

Your Persona tells you what special abilities and whatnot you start with, and it also gives you a handy list of skills you can buy with your Learnin’. But that’s all the boring game shit. The Persona Pack product gives you so much more!

A Persona Pack gives you everything you need to create and play a character from a particular Persona.

First, you get two pewter miniatures representing iconic characters from the Persona.

Every miniature is hand-made by us in our snazzy workshop. Exiles models are single piece casts, so you don’t have to mess with assembly. Any and all bits are designed to be entirely optional, so you can jazz up your little dudes if you like, or take them as they come.

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You get Character and Sidekick cards for both models which means you can not only play either model as a proper character, you can also hire them as a sidekick when shit gets hairy!

You also get a set of handy quick reference Skill cards so you can put all the special rules for your Persona right in front of you during a game.

Each Persona Pack comes with a set of wooden tokens to handle all of your bullshit during a game. You get tokens for all of the common actions, like Haul Ass, Reload, and Yee-Haw!, plus tokens for all of your cool Persona skills.

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These are Benson’s shitty prototypes. Adam Burnier is MUCH better at photoshop, don’t worry.

More importantly, your Persona Pack comes with a set of Item cards you can use to equip your character. You’ll get plenty of cheap, shitty equipment suitable for a brand new character, some better gear that’ll come in handy when you’re flush with cash, and badass items for each character.

All of this awesome stuff comes packed in a genuine wooden box with a slide out tray and internal dividers to keep everything organized. You’ll find plenty of extra room in this here box for additional gear, game materials, or other bullshit you happen to pick up along the way.

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Look at all that fun shit!

And that’s it! Everything you need to play your favorite Persona.

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