MWG - Website - Exiles Game Page - Banner 1bExiles is a fast-paced, frenetic, buzzword-filled game of gritty Wild West adventure.

We call it a miniatures role-playing game because it runs like an RPG and plays like a skirmish wargame. In classic RPG style, a group of badass characters work cooperatively to kick the shit out of a bunch of dudes controlled by a game master. Shit-kicking is done using an innovative system of simultaneous play that sucks you into the game and doesn’t let up until the last roll of the dice.


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A miniatures role-playing game is like a dungeon crawler board game, but with that freewheeling style which makes wargames and RPGs a special flavor of awesome.

You control a single character and work with your buddies to kick the ever-living shit out of a bunch of assholes controlled by a GM.

But what’s so new about that?

Exiles shakes things up by taking a cue from your favorite skirmish wargames and mixing it up with a liberal dose of our own fucked up medicine.

This aint your daddy’s wargame!


Exiles gives you what you love about wargaming and turns the story up to 11. You get to watch your character evolve through a dynamic system that goes into the kind of depth you used to only get in a table top RPG. At the same time, the system is simple enough to support the fast, fluid style of play you expect of a skirmish wargame.

Exiles gives you all the story you want without the fucking hassle of playing an RPG.

And let’s face it, for many of us it’s the story that makes wargaming fun; the story of our army, our warband, our gang, our star players, our champions, our heroes, and the thirsting daemon born of our mortified flesh.

MWG - Website - Exiles Game Page - Exiles Game-Cherry Cards 3If you’re into RPGs, Exiles is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Exiles has engaging characters, gripping stories, and a deliciously addictive game world. On top of this, Exiles offers a fast-paced, modular game system that makes it exceedingly simple to organize a campaign. Exiles is robust enough to hold your attention as a full-on RPG, but it also makes a great side game.

Exiles is perfect for a quick RPG fix without the hassle of organizing a detailed campaign.

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