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So just what the fuck is Wild West fantasy?

We mean exactly that. Exiles is a fantasy world. We made all this shit up. It never existed.

Exiles isn’t alternate history and it aint historical fiction. There was never an Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter or not. You can’t cross the Rocky Mountains, steam down the mighty Mississippi, flee to Texas, or punch cattle on the Chisholm Trail. There’s no place for that bullshit in Exiles.

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We love you, Ax Lincoln and Old Cowboy Ford, but ya aint Exiles!

What you will find is every damn thing you need for a proper Wild West game and then some!

The Exiles frontier is packed to the tits with crooked politicians, evil cattle barons, nefarious outlaws, conniving whores, ruthless banditos, and martially skilled railroad laborers. There are cattle drives, gold rushes, bounty hunts, blood feuds, bank robberies, and bar fights around every corner.

In short, Exiles has every trope, cliché, and archetype that makes the Wild West the most awesome place you never wanted to live. All of it half-digested in our unique blend of fuckery and hacked up for you to enjoy. This makes Exiles a special brand of awesome for two reasons:

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He’s a Johnson, which means he’s a giant dick!

First, we get to turn this shit up to 11. Exiles isn’t held back by bullshit drawn on any map or writ in any history book.  This means we get to have all of the fun with none of the responsibility. In other words, Exiles is the Wild West genre’s Plan B.

Second, Exiles is always a new experience. The world of Exiles is at once instantly familiar, disarmingly bizarre, and terrifyingly mysterious. Like a Craigslist date.

When you immerse yourself in the world of Exiles, you will know exactly where you are but have no fucking clue how you got there. And isn’t that the best way to start a Saturday night?

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If Sean Penn was my brother, I’d shoot him too.

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