Troy Hatcher – “When Your Luck Runs Out”

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This here’s my favorite true story o’ Troy Hatcher, you knows, the famous outlaw. Demond only puts it at six killed in the Cain County robbery, but the Simpson Brothers number a baker’s dozen among the dead, includin’ the widow Shipman and her baby girl. They got’s the right of it, if you ask me.

They say Troy took a bullet in his wrist cuttin’ his way outta that scrape, and it’s a proved fact he left his nephew Frankie Lawson dead in the street. Got clean away with more’n two thousand in cash, though I’ll call you liar if you say he taken any man’s watch.

MWG - Website - B&A - Troy Hatcher - When Your Luck Runs Out - Caine County Farmers TrustIf Judge Clarkson hadn’t been so fired up ’bout Hatcher, wouldn’t have been no massacre. Troy’s bullets only took the laws, and they had it commin’. More’n a dozen dead and they lay it all at Hatcher’s feet like they aint got no part in it.

Demond is a great one for dressing up his accounts, but you can bet yer boots they come from eyewitness statements. Read this’n here and you can tell it weren’t Hatcher filled that bank full o’ corpses.

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