Belle Knops Campaign – Elder Clyde

The new Belle Knops campaign takes you from the explosive tale of blood-soaked revenge of Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang into the zany underworld of what passes for debt “restructuring” out on the Republican frontier!

If you play your cards right, you’ll encounter the enigmatic Alvis faction, a queer religious cult of special bat-shit crazy variety you only ever find near the Wasteland!

Let’s take a look at the Henchman, Elder Clyde.

Elder Clyde is a strangely familiar looking dude. He’s tough, with the almost obligatory Brutal Warrior that comes with most beat-in-your-goddamn-face Henchmen.

The Elder is packing a couple of annoying Bash skills, a little bit of Rush to bring his respectably dangerous Fightin’ stat line into play, and enough Bludgeon to keep a Rowdy shut down long enough beat the shit out of him. Plus, with Fightin’ Defense 2 and Parry gained by the glory of Alvis, even if you aren’t Bludgeoned you’re going to have a hard time putting this religious fanatic to bed.

This here is why it always pays to have the friendly neighborhood Gunslinger in your posse!

The Badass version of Elder Clyde is just more of the same. A lot more. So much more that he might actually total out to the same amount of flagrantly bullshit Learnin’ totals the characters have. And let’s be honest, that’s why he’s badass side up, ain’t it?

Badass Clyde has a commanding Bludgeon (6), and Rush (4). He’s got enough Bash to make your day suck REALLY hard even if you do put him down like a bitch. But with a natural Parry (4), Fightin’ Defense 3, and the gifts of the almighty Alvis, you really better just shoot the fucker! Although with 12 Mustard and Brutal Warrior that just might feel like an exercise in futility…