Belle Knops Campaign – Gideon Priest

The new Belle Knops campaign takes you from the explosive tale of blood-soaked revenge of Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang into the zany underworld of what passes for debt “restructuring” out on the Republican frontier!

If you play your cards right, you’ll encounter the enigmatic Alvis faction, a queer religious cult of special bat-shit crazy variety you only ever find near the Wasteland!

Let’s take a look at the Gideon Priest Toady.

The Gideon Priest is a little older than the Young Worthy, and more respected within the church. Unfortunately, that means he’s probably been hitting the sacred whiskey a little harder than the rest.

The Gideon Priest is packing a no-fooling Pistol attack with 3’s across the board. His Fightin’ stat line only has one attack, but watch out for it landing! With Damage 5, this anointed bastard is going to be putting Doctors and Gentlemen into the dirt, HARD!

The Gideon Priest is a lot more terrifying as a Badass. A whopping 10 Mustard and Brutal Warrior means you better have spent a shitload of your Learnin’ on Shanks and The Dead Eye. He’s got an absolutely terrifying Fightin’ Defense 3, which will give even the most stupidly long-lived Rowdy a run for his money, especially with those free Parry skills Alvis can bless the man with! And he hits like a fucking brick, too!

Maybe it’s time to tier out, yea? You don’t want the Governor flipping this guy over to the ‘bad’ side!