Frontier Survival Guide – Part 3: Your Life is Cheap, Talk Isn’t


Exiles may seem like a simple little minis game, but beneath its carefree, slapdash exterior is a deeply strategic skirmish game that can be a merciless bitch if you aren’t prepared!

Exiles in an intensely cooperative game. If you want to survive, you’ve got to learn how to work together.

Sharing shit is important, and so is literally staying close to your buddies, but if you really want to survive, you’ve gotta learn to use your mouth.

No, not like that. Although… when times are tough…

Communication is critical to kicking maximum ass in Exiles. Not only is it a good idea for everybody to know the plan and stick to it, but you often have to adapt on the fly. A few bad rolls can put a serious dent in even the best laid plans.

But more importantly, being maximally effective on the table top often means paying close attention to the order in which you and your buddies declare and resolve actions. Why waste the Rowdy’s Toady-destroying 6 Damage attack when the card only has 1 Mustard on it?

If somebody with shittier damage is in a position to pop the same type of Toady, then who attacks first is critical.

Dude, where the fuck do you think you’re going?

Always pay attention to what’s going on across the whole table, and always be communicating with your posse! Say what you’re gonna do before you do it, listen to what your buddies are doing, and don’t be afraid to stop someone before they drop down a token or roll dice.

The more you communicate, the more opportunities you have to coordinate your actions. Communication is far more important to your survival than bullets, Mustard, and Learnin’ combined!