Benson’s Favorite House Rules – Trading Items


Sometimes people say to me, ‘Benson, there’s no rule saying Characters can trade items during a game’.

Yep, that’s true. There totally isn’t.

Trading items falls pretty close to the ‘more RPG than not’ line, so we didn’t write official rules for it, much like we didn’t write official rules for climbing ladders, opening doors, or swimming rivers.

That said, I totally expected that people would want to trade items during a game, and I think it’s a reasonable thing to do, which is why there’s no rule saying you can’t trade items While We Play.

Here’s the house rule I like to use for trading items While We Play:

When you take the Flippin’ Items action you can give any of your Facin’ Up items to a dude you’re touching, but he’s got to put them in his Facin’ Up items.

This is a simple, generic solution that maintains the pressure of the Movin’ phase timer.

I give you one or more of my Facin’ Up items, and you put them in your Facin’ Up items.

Of course, if you AND the other dude take the Flippin’ Items action, you can both dig through all of your stuff, flip shit up or down down as you like, and trade as much shit as you want, but you’ve gotta do it quickly!

If you take 10 of these shitty rifles, I’ll throw in the smallpox for free!

I also generally allow you to hand an item to a buddy if you just spent an action fucking with it. Like, if your Character spends an action to pick something up in the Doin’ phase, I’m okay with you giving the card to somebody you’re touching, as long as it stays Facin’ Up.

If you’re a big enough nerd, you’ll know EXACTLY what this is about

I’m also usually okay with weird shit like throwing an item to another Character, deliberately leaving items on the ground, and a host of other ‘not-covered-in-the-rules’ types of item interactions. In these cases I just figure something out on the fly that makes sense, like rolling Finesse to catch a thrown item or marking the location of an item pile with a numbered token.

When in doubt, you can always charge the Characters a Cheatin’ token fee to do whatever weird shit they’re trying to get away with.