Free Shit! – Ticking Around Gen Con 2016 Campaign



The Ticking Around Exiles Campaign is available for free download!


Ticking Around was our first Annual Gen Con Exiles campaign. We ran this three Scenario campaign back to back every day of Gen Con 2016, and we had an absolute blast with it. Now we have spruced up the formatting and put it up online as a free download so y’all can enjoy it at home.

The downloadable materials include the Campaign’s mini Dime Novel with Scenario introduction fluff and all the regular shit. You can also download copies of all the Bad Guy cards and Item Cards featured in the campaign.

Jesse is also working on arts for some printable tunnel tiles incase you don’t want to model dozens of modular subterranean tunnel tiles. Look for those when his lazy ass finally finishes them. I’ll let you know.


Every time Gen Con foolishly allows the inebriate reprobates of Mindworm Games into it’s halls we’ll be running a new special Gen Con Exiles Campaign to delight our quickly-growing fanbase. As you can tell from Ticking Around, our Gen Con campaigns tend to be pretty weird and different!

As soon as we get confirmation about our Gen Con 2017 booth we’ll tell you a bit about next year’s campaign!

Now, because these campaigns are weird and different, we don’t make minis for them. That would be, like, fucking nuts! So you’re going to need some minis if you want to play Ticking Around. You can proxy stuff, but how much fun is that?


For your convenience, we’ve found a set of minis available from Reaper Miniatures which will serve well for the many different Bad Guys in the campaign.

You’ll need:

Tick Swarms

Bloated Ticks

Big Ticks

Little Tick Queen

Craig Johnson

Tick Queen

Over the next few days we will walk you through the actual models we used for this campaign, which come from a variety of different manufacturers. But for now, this post is already long enough!