Exiles – The Other Book – Free Download!

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At long last! Here’s a free download of our Learnin’ the Game Exiles rulebook!

For your gaming pleasure, we present a free download of the other Exiles rulebook – The Other Book.

Get Teh Rulz Here

The Other Book is one of two mini rulebooks that will be included in the Exiles Starter Set. This lil’ pamphlet tells you all about the extra bullshit you need to know to play a proper Exiles campaign.

If you wanna start learnin’ the rules, you should read Learnin’ the Rules first. But if you’ve already been learnin’ the rules, this other book is perfect for you.

Very soon we will release some cards you can download if you are so itching to play Exiles that you’re willing to proxy the shit out of it with home printed cards for the few weeks until the actual products get released!