Exiles: Learnin’ the Game – Free Download

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At long last! Here’s a free download of our Learnin’ the Game Exiles rulebook!

For your gaming pleasure, we present a free download of the very first Exiles rulebook – Learnin’ the Game.

Get Teh Rulz Here

Learnin’ the Game is one of two mini rulebooks that will be included in the Exiles Starter Set. This lil’ pamphlet teaches you the basics of the game and gets you playing right away… assuming you had some cards to play with.

The other book, aptly called The Other Book, gives you all the little nuances you didn’t get in Learnin’ the Rules, tells you what all the Skills and Special Effects do, and introduces you to the Personas so you can make your very own Exiles character!

We will release The Other Book very shortly, and we’ll also put out some cards you can download if you are so itching to play Exiles that you’re willing to proxy the shit out of it with home printed cards for the few weeks until the actual products get released!