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Out on the Republican frontier you need to make do with whatever passes for medical expertise, be it a dentist, a veterinarian, a particularly skilled butcher, or even just someone with a sharp knife and a strong stomach. Very few frontier “doctors” are formally trained, but they know enough to bandage a wound, splint a broken limb, or hack off a gangrenous appendage. Whatever their formal qualifications may be, Doctors have a healing hand and are consequently an invaluable asset to their amigos.

Yea, sure, a healing hand…and a murderous instinct! Doctors can heal up your hurts better than anyone, and they’re Johnny on the spot with a prescription for most any malady, but that shit cuts both ways. Make sure to be real cozy with the local sawbones, because you wouldn’t want to wake up in Serape short a leg or two!

First and foremost, Doctors are the only Persona what’s got any skills to heal your wounds. Sure, a Gentleman or a Bandit can keep your ass alive, but a Doctor can make you fit as a fiddle before you can say “Dickens!” And speaking of Dickens, Doctors are just about as good at causing wounds as fixing them.

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Doctors aren’t combat monsters like the Gunslinger or the Rowdy, and they’ve got a mean glass jaw. But Doctors have more than a few tricks up their sleeve. They’re damn good at making up poisons, they’re fucking surgeons when it comes to knife work, and most competent doctors know a good knock on the noggin’ is better than a strong whiff of ether, and cheaper too!

If you want to be an invaluable asset to your hombres, and have power to decide which asshole gets to keep all his limbs, then Doctor is the Persona for you!

Who wants to be the healer, right? Wrong! Doctors are mean little vipers, and they’re hard as fuck to kill. Nobody want’s the Doctor getting shot, first off, but those fuckers always have a few bandages hid up their ass for when things go to shit! – Benson

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