Exiles Gameplay: Dice Mechanics

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Dice mechanics in Exiles are as simple as can be!

Exiles uses ten-sided dice (1-10) and a simple roll-under mechanic.

When you roll a die, you are trying to roll equal to or less than a particular number. We call this a “target number,” and it represents your percentage chance of success.

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If your target number is 4, you have a 40% chance of success, because you succeed on a die roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4. A die roll of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 means you failed.

No target number can be bigger than 9, because otherwise you wouldn’t need to roll a die, now would you? No target number can be less than 1 for the same reason.

Sometimes shit will modify a target number, either before or after you roll the die, but not very often.

If you need an extra edge you can break out the +1 tokens and Cheatin’ tokens.

+1 Tokens

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You can take the Yee-Haw! action to place a +1 token on yourself or any friendly model.

Once you have a +1 token, you can discard it to increase your target number after you see the result of your roll, but only one token per roll.

So if you miss your target number by 1, you can discard a +1 token to turn your failure into a success!

Cheatin’ Tokens

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Every character gets at least one Cheatin’ token per game, and you can learn the Cheatin’ and Lyin’ skill to get more.

Cheatin’ tokens are mostly used to re-roll a die, but you can also use them to discard multiple +1 tokens on a roll.

Any character can, at any time, allow a friendly model to use one of their Cheatin’ tokens.

But what the fuck does this mean?

It means that players who want to succeed better damn well work together! Players can give each other +1 tokens during a turn, and Cheatin’ tokens are a powerful but limited pool of resources accessible to every player at the table.

This isn’t just for LOLs either. Managing these resources effectively will often make the difference between glorious success and catastrophic failure. Exiles is an intensely cooperative game in which you have to think quickly, act quickly, and above all work together!

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