Tall Tales: Jackie Hiscock

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Shut yer pokehole Carla-Jean! A gal can dream cain’t she?

Don’t you pay that old slag no mind. Her damn prannie’s so dusty a feller wouldn’t drygulch her fer a nickel.

You handle Jackie right and that’s just how he’ll treat you, like a fine, clean woman who aint had her belly filled half a dozen times ‘fore breakfast. You hustle Jackie like trade and he aint never gonna give you so much as a sidelong glance again.

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Carla-Jean’s got all that sand up her Ginny ‘cause she made a grab a Jackie’s cock last fall. She hadn’t so much as tickled Jackie’s trousers ‘fore he grabbed her wrist so hard it marked her up good. Jackie up and left on the spot too, which put the rest of us in a lurch on account o’ how Jackie likes to make sure we’re all took care of. More’n a few of us girls had been countin’ on Jackie fer a warm meal, and a lil’ help makin’ ends meet.

Jackie aint so nice to Carla-Jean no more neither, but she aint gon’ cause anymore trouble. We got together that night and mixed a whole mess o’ pepper in her liniment; had that heifer’s snatch burnin’ like Hellfire fer a fornight!

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