Playing with FIRE!

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What’s better than playing with fire?

Sometimes we think that’s the only real reason we started Mindworm Games!

At the very least, we absolutely designed our product boxes to give us an excuse to fire up a blowtorch! Here’s how it works:

If you have been paying attention to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you will already know that we made and tested an “Exiles” branding iron with which to brand the Exiles product boxes.

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In fact, Benson made TWO branding irons, because he forgot to reverse the first one!

Here you can see our two types of nifty wooden boxes. The small one on the left is for our Persona Pack and Encounter Pack products, and the larger one on the right is for our Campaign and Starter Set products.

Above we have our custom, hand-milled branding iron, and to the left there you will see a big-ass landscaping torch and a propane tank!

MWG - Website - Blog - Workshop - Branding Boxes - Heating
Yea! Red-hot, baby!

We will be building a janky branding iron furnace for future use, but for now a convenient stack of bricks works just fine. We heat this baby up to about 600 degrees by means of directly applied open flame (YES!), and then it is ready for use.

MWG - Website - Blog - Workshop - Branding Boxes - Burning
It’s much more dramatic in person!

All we do now is grab that (thankfully) long piece of metal, position the iron, and burn the shit out of the box!

MWG - Website - Blog - Workshop - Branding Boxes - Done

The end result is a quite fetching and authentically scorchy Exiles brand!

Every single box will be lovingly and amusingly hand-branded by us in order to give your products that real Wild West flavor.

It’s winter now, so the herd has mostly been left to its own devices, but come the spring we will hold our first annual Exiles ROUNDUP! Drunken hilarity will ensue.

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