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Interview with the War Council Podcast



We had a great time talking with the guys of the War Council podcast about casting models in the age of 3D printing, and Exiles! Give it a listen…

Benson’s interview starts at about 25:30.

The White Metal Games blog also has a text interview with Benson that covers some different topics than the podcast. Check it out!

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Spin Casting – Mold Prep

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It’s time for another Mindworm Games workshop tutorial!

Today we are going to tell you a little bit about how we prepare a mold. This tutorial will take us through the process until just before we pre-heat the mold and add the keys/lock nuts that will keep the mold aligned during casting.

We also want to thank Slow Death Games, most especially because we didn’t ask permission to use their fine Wild in the Streets miniatures for this tutorial. Thanks CK!

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