Free Shit! – First Customers Promo


A while ago I whipped up a bitchin’ extra-special promo exclusively for our very first Mindworm Games customers.

As cool as it was, it seems my heartfelt emails have wound up in a lot of junk boxes. 

Turns out this one WAS true!

By the power of Facebook, I will fix this!

We had an awesome time at Gen Con, and the launch of our webstore has been fantastic!

The support of our very first customers is absolutely vital to the success of Exiles.

I want to personally thank you for taking a chance on a little company like Mindworm Games, and for giving us the support we need to hit the ground running!

So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

What’s great about getting in on the ground floor of a new company is that not only are we small enough to lavish attention on our customers, but we’ll also never forget the folks who helped get us started.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a super special exclusive promotion just for our first customers.


I want to get the word out about Exiles, and I need your help to do it, so John, Jesse, and I came up with a special set of exclusive Exiles item cards that you can get for free by doing all manner of social media bullshit!

Below you’ll find a list of social media bullshit we’d love for you to do.

Each time you do a different thing you can choose one of those cards up there and we’ll mail it to you, gratis. The Parlor Dart Gun and Parlor Darts, and the Invigorating Raisins and the Raisin Seeder both come as a two-card set, because we’re not massive dicks!


I know you’re all good people, so we’re gonna work on the honor system here. If you do a thing, or several of them, shoot me an email telling me what you did, what cards you’d like me to send you, and your mailing address. If you want multiples of the same card, that’s cool. Whatever tickles your pickle!

These cards will only be printed for this special promotion, so you will be the envy of Exiles players for years to come!


Here’s the list, in no particular order (You’ve probably already done a bunch of it, too!)

  1. Like and Share a Mindworm Games Facebook post
  2. Retweet a Mindworm Games Tweet
  3. Comment on a Mindworm Games Facebook post
  4. Post a picture of your painted Exiles mini or minis
  5. Post a picture or video of one of your Exiles games
  6. Post a story from one of your Exiles games
  7. Post a review of an Exiles product
  8. Create a Mindworm Games thread on your favorite forum, or reply to an existing Mindworm Games thread
  9. Write a custom Exiles Scenario
  10. Refer a friend who makes a purchase
  11. Correctly tell us: Who is ‘the passenger’?

Now get cracking!