Ticking Around – Exiles Events at GenCon


Attending GenCon? Come by our booth – Entrepreneurs’ Avenue in booth 2757!


Want the full Exiles experience? We’re running events back to back every day of the con from 10AM to 7PM. You can play a character through the whole campaign if you like, picking up loot and EXP along the way, or jump right into the middle! (Deep Ticking the best!) You can play the whole thing in one marathon session of Exiles awesomeness, or break it up across the whole convention.

Players will not only get a unique opportunity to be the very first actual Exiles players, but you’ll also walk away with some exclusive Exiles loot and a few surprises totally not intended to get you to come by our Exhibit Hall booth.

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The campaign…

Ticking Around is a three-scenario campaign beginning with the discovery of a suspiciously phallic hive of blood-sucking monstrosities.

Spiral Cow

A Tick in the Henhouse
Paul Harrison’s cows are feelin’ poorly – real poorly. Like, insides on the outside poorly. I wonder if that ginormous, suggestively cylindrical dirt mound has sumthin’ to do with it.

What a Tick!
Craig Johnson! That tick-lovin’ sucker is gonna pay for what his monsters done to ol’ Paul Harrison. Get ready to fit the filthy lunger for a hemp necktie, but make sure he don’t spit in yer face!

Deep Ticking
You got yerself a bellyful o’ Craig Johnson, but his ain’t the only tick in town. You’re gonna have to go down under to give this sucker a happy ending. Get ready for some real deep ticking!

Tick Egg Card for Forum Post

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