Persona Intro: Bandit

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Bandits stalk the fringes of society, using their talents to prey on the weak or foolish, of which there are plenty on the Republican frontier. Bandits survive by ambush, deceit, and brutality, preferring the quick score to honest labor and bushwhacking to a standup fight. Bandits tend to view the world as a violent and unfair place where only the strong prosper. And who could blame them for having such a pitiless outlook on life when freedom on the frontier is found not in the laws of corrupt politicians, but in a man’s resolve to impose his will over others.

Whoa, sounds like Bandits are real assholes, doesn’t it? Well, whatever you like to call it, Bandits take care of themselves. Bandits have access to a broader range of skills and abilities than any other Persona. This not only makes Bandits fairly self-reliant, but they can also fill in for most Personas in a pinch.

In addition to being a jack-of-all-trades, Bandits have a few useful abilities that really bring them into their own. First of all, Bandits are a little faster than the other Personas, and they are harder to pin down. On the flip side, Bandits are damn good at keeping the enemy pinned down, and they have one of the only combat abilities that activates whether they cause a wound or not.

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Bandits have easier access to Cheatin’ tokens than anyone other than a Gentleman, they have a few particularly cheap and effective combat skills, and they can even keep important folks like the Doctor on their feet. This of course means that Bandits are liable to spread themselves too thin, and they aren’t really built for a standup fight.

All in all, Bandits are best at doing what the name implies: sticking close to cover, helping out where they can, and ruthlessly exploiting any mistake the enemy makes.

If you want a dynamic skill list and nuanced tactical options, or if you just want to be a huge pain in the enemy’s ass, then Bandit is the Persona for you!

Bandits are assholes. Huge. Fucking. Assholes. The skill list is like asshole heaven. Bandits can use all the guns, they get cheap combat skills, they get more Cheatin’ tokens than you do, they do a little board control, and they have just enough healing for you put up with their bullshit. I fucking hate Bandits. – Benson

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