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Whether a professional boxer, a local enforcer, or a town tough, a Rowdy is built for a fight. Rowdies are harsh, brutal souls who live to throw their weight around and are always ready to back up their words with a fist. For a Rowdy, fighting is about more than killing; it is a way of life, a philosophy. Whatever their motivations may be, Rowdies are the bedfellows of violence. There is ever a place for such individuals out on the Republican frontier, because on the ragged edges of civilization there will always come a time when words are not enough.

That sounds deep, but Rowdies aren’t deep. Rowdies are simple, direct, and efficient. Rowdies excel at hand-to-hand combat above all else, and this makes them truly the most effective combatants of any Persona.

Exiles is just as much about knives and axe handles as it is about six-guns and sawed-offs. But guns are exceedingly simple to use. Just about any fool can buy a man’s chips with the pull of a trigger, and Colonel Patterson is the great equalizer. This means Rowdies are good as anyone other than a Gunslinger with a shootin’ iron, but aint nobody can come within twenty miles of a Rowdy in a fight.

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Rowdies buy all the fightin’ skills for dirt-cheap, and they can use more weapons than any other Persona. Rowdies also have the grit to stick it through a fight, and the skills to put ‘em on top of anybody dumb enough to come to grips with ‘em.

A Rowdy’s badass skills at hand-to-hand fightin’ are especially important because just about every other Persona is going to be a fucking pushover when it comes to tradin’ blows. Without a Rowdy around to back you up, one bad move can leave everybody with stove in skulls, busted limbs, and wide-open bellies.

If you want to be an unstoppable engine of destruction and a vital part of any well-conceived scheme, then Rowdy is the Persona for you!

Rowdy is the best Persona. Hands down. If you think Exiles is all about gunfights, you’ll change your tune once a Rowdy gets hold of you. These guys are beasts, an the most brutally efficient killing machines of all the Personas. – Jesse

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