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I don’t play those games, so why the fuck would I play Exiles?

Why wouldn’t you play Exiles?

Exiles has engaging characters, gripping stories, and a disturbingly addictive game world.

On top of this, Exiles offers a fast-paced, modular game system that makes it exceedingly simple to organize a campaign.

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Games require minimal setup, only take about 45 minutes to play, and can be played comfortably with as little as three people. At the same time, the system is robust enough to handle a large number of players without slowing down or falling apart.

And the best part of all is that GMing is utterly fungible. Not only can you play a character and GM in the same campaign, but GMing also gives you the opportunity to get extra experience and acquire unique gear for your character.

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You won’t get stuck GMing this time, we promise!

Campaigns unfold along an ambiguous timescale, which gives you the flexibility to play what you want, when you want without screwing up the story. You can splice scenarios together, mix up published campaigns, and insert side treks whenever you please.

Exiles can also be played as trim on story or as deep into the narrative weeds as you want.

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We don’t need no stinking story!

Campaign scenarios give you the basic structure of a coherent story arc, with built-in decision points and opportunities to explore the narrative while the accompanying Dime Novels offer a wealth of rich, characterful details that can be used to truly bring your campaign to life!

In short, Exiles is robust enough to hold your attention as a full-on RPG, but it also makes a great side game.

Exiles is perfect for a quick gaming fix without all the hassle of organizing a full-on campaign.

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